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Yield & Humidity Monitoring

FarmTRX™ Yield & Moisture Sensors offer farmers reliable current and average grain moisture readings as well as crop yield to empower tactical decision-making.

Bring precision capability to your farm with a yield & humidity monitor

In collaboration with FarmTRX, CSMT offers a set of aftermarket humidity & yield monitor for any combine harvester. This technology enables you to automate the generation of yield maps so you can focus on farming.

An overview of

Our Products

Yield Monitor

This sensor is a universal install on any age, make, or model of combine harvester. Update the equipment you already own for precision agriculture. Usable, accurate, precision yield maps are the result.

Key Features

  • Affordable precision yield monitoring solution
  • Install on any combine harvester in less than 2 hours
  • In-cab display with your Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet
  • Precision yield maps generated minutes after the data upload—automatically

Moisture Sensor

This sensor offers farmers reliable current and average grain moisture readings to empower tactical decision-making in the field and around the yard.

Key Features

  • Records live moisture values and wet and dry yields using your smartphone or tablet
  • Automatic generation of precision moisture maps
  • Option to use with the Yield Monitor or independently

How does this tehnology work?

1. Installation

1. Installation

Install on any combine with a clean grain elevator in under 2 hours.

2. Monitoring

2. Monitoring

View live and average yield and moisture from your smartphone or tablet.

3. Upload & Review

3. Upload & Review

Upload yield data from the field or the yard with cellular data or WiFi.

Solving Problems Through Technology

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