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Welcome to CSMT Agri®

A multinational agri-tech company providing farm operations through NDVI, NIR, AgriWeather, and sensing systems to farmers, growers and companies looking for more precise aerial data of their farms.

Empowering the agricultural industry worldwide with emerging Technologies

Our advanced technology captures crops health, irrigation, climate changes, soil quality that helps an overall increase in productivity.

It also gives you greater control over plant and animal production, processing, distribution, and storage, which results in greater efficiencies and lower prices, safer growing conditions, safer foods, and reduced environmental and ecological impact.

Discover our partner: Dinamica Generale

A leading designer and manufacturer of electronic solutions and sensors in the field of weighing and NIR analysis.

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Our Technologies

NDVI Crop Monitoring

CSMT Agri Pte. Ltd. facilitates farmers to take rapid actions when there is a need by using a precision agricultural UAV designed to monitor crops from planting to harvest.

AgriNIR™ Technology

CSMT Agri exclusively offers AgriNIR (Trolly) / X-NIR (Handheld) veritable portable instant laboratory solution which makes it possible to carry out analyses in a very short time .

Optical Sorting

This technology detects and remove all types of foreign material such as animal matter, metal, cotton stalks, plastic, stones, glass, and wood from field run tomatoes and potatoes.

Portable Axle Weighing

This specifically designed weighing system reports weight and overloads of any vehicles. It can be setup weighing stations anywhere, at job sites, agriculture or forestry etc.

Yield & Humidity Monitoring

FarmTRX™ Yield & Moisture Sensors offer farmers reliable current and average grain moisture readings as well as crop yield to empower tactical decision-making.

Agri Weather

Our solutions are applicable in all climate zones and can be used in various industries and for various purposes – from agriculture to research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning etc.

Agronomy Services

Our experts help farmers & growers who have limited agronomy knowledge, information on the management of crop, use of quality seeds, pest & fertilizers management, water, soil and guide them in implementing agricultural advancements.

Consultancy Services

We help farms grow better and maintain strong environmental compliance. We achieve this through professional agricultural consulting, science-based decisions, technological innovation, and a team of dedicated staff to the success of our clients.

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