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Could NIR technology help recover lost profits in Asian dairy farms?

Attention Dairy Farmers in Pakistan and Malaysia! Are you maximizing your feed’s potential? Our analysis reveals that a mere 5% reduction in milk production due to suboptimal feeding – a variable figure throughout the year – can have a significant financial impact.

🐄 Financial Impact on Local Currency:

Pakistan: A 5% decrease in milk yield could lead to an annual loss of up to 3,024,000 PKR for a 50-cow herd.
Malaysia: The loss could amount to 115,200 RM annually for the same herd size.
💡 Note: These figures represent average annual fluctuations in milk production.

🌏 Exclusive NIR Technology from CSMT Pte Ltd: CSMT Pte Ltd, the exclusive agent of Dinamica Generale Italy in Pakistan and Malaysia, offers cutting-edge portable NIR technology. This powerful tool allows for precise feed analysis, ensuring optimal nutrition for your herd and maximized profitability for your business.

Explore how NIR technology from CSMT Pte Ltd can revolutionize your dairy farming operations!

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