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Redefining Sustainability in Palm Oil: The Path to Optimized Yields

In the debate on palm oil, the primary criticism often revolves around deforestation. Yet, the sustainable solution lies not in expanding cultivated areas but in optimizing yields per hectare. 🌿

Palm oil is irreplaceable due to its productivity compared to other oilseed crops. The real challenge, therefore, is to efficiently increase yields without resorting to more agrochemical inputs, avoiding additional costs and negative environmental impacts.

The need strikes me for more quality control in an industry historically focused on volume. NIR technology, both affordable and operable on-site, offers a solution. At CSMT, we have developed two types of NIR calibrations for the mesocarp and the whole fresh fruit, aiming to improve supply chain management.

Better management and a more equitable trading approach, considering precise quality criteria rather than simple visual assessments and weight, are crucial for the future of this crop. 🌱

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